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Talented individuals with the specific skills needed for a project or a permanent position are not always the employees who have years of experience attached to their names. Especially not in the worlds of IT and Engineering. Often, it’s the motivated newcomers, freshly graduated with their careers ahead of them, who have the skills and competences that will meet your unique needs.

Working in close collaboration with you, SDA Innovative IT Solutions selects the young up-and-coming talent. We find people who are motivated, educated and available, and then we train these future developers to ensure they have what it takes and understand exactly what you require. The training programme costs you nothing. There’s no telling how many ways these trained, talented newcomers will benefit your organisation.

As the days go by

Of course, we follow up with you to ensure your young talent is delivering exactly what you’re expecting. We intervene whenever necessary during the year that your new talent is working with you.

Once this year is over? It’s entirely up to you. You’re welcome to extend their tenure on a temporary basis. You also have the option of employing them on a permanent contract. A great solution if they’ve proven to have what it takes to become an invaluable asset to your business.

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